Magic Hospital  strives  to  help  in  the healing of sick, abused, neglected and orphaned   children   by   restoring  an element of fun in their day.  We design and implement activities and programs for those children who are temporarily or permanently deprived of a carefree childhood.  

We don't build schools but we lay a foundation of hope to inspire life lessons.

We don't build shelters or orphanages, but instead, we erect a scaffolding of nurturing and caring to reconstruct some semblance of a normal childhood.

We cannot heal diseases but we want to support their young bodies and mind by creating fun and effective distractions.



All children NEED fun and play time. It is crucial for their development and well being, in fact so crucial that this right has been enshrined in the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This convention is the guiding framework of basic human rights to which every child everywhere is entitled.

Article 31:  every child has the right to engage in play and recreational activities, to participate in cultural life and arts.

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