Thank you for your interest and your attention. The following is a partial list of highlights of our past projects and additional activities
Activities China 2012
Generousity is HOT at 99 Degrees!

In August, the award-winning China Internships, Study and Consulting (CRCC Asia) held a community service fundraising event in San Li Tun.   CRCC Asia hosted a lovely evening social on the rooftop bar of the popular 99 Degrees lounge.  A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Magic Hospital.   Thank you CRCC for making Magic Hospital a benefactor!

Magic Hospital, Education, Wine and Chocolate:  These Are a Few of Megerez's Favorite Things!

If happiness indeed starts from dancing tastebuds, the Megerez Education Consulting Group made many tastebuds dance at their summer Fine Wine and Chocolate charity Bazaar benefitting the Magic Hospital.  It was a decadent day of learning about ***and sampling*** illustrious international wines and artisan chocolates.   The deepest gratitude to The Megerez group for it’s dedication to education and charity!

Singing (And Playing) Music in the Rain!

On July 22nd, a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a day of torrential downpour in Beijing, our Music Enrichment Program Manager Apple Wang hosted a wonderful mini concert with some of her students to raise money for MH. We were invited to sell some of our merchandise on location to raise further funding for our Music Program. Big thanks to Apple, all the children, their parents for their generous support and our always lovely volunteers who were on hand to help out! Magic Hospital - Laughter is the best medicine!

Fieldtrip of Dreams!

Magic Hospital hosted a fantastic Outdoorsy Day to the Beijing Zoo on Sunday, June 9th! Our team of volunteers spent the day with 40 children of migrant workers from the New Life Center in Beijing,  There was all sorts of animal watching fun in the sun! Plus cool snacks and great company! If you are in Beijing and would like to volunteer for Outdoorsy Day, please contact us now! The more the merrier!!

Magic Hospital Grants Another Wish!

January 2012.  Just before Chinese New Year, the “genies” at Magic Hospital's Abracadabra Program were hard at work again.  The target of their wish granting was a very special little patient.  This sweet little boy wished hard for a brand new laptop computer with lot's of cartoon DVDs to help him get through the holiday period in hospital without family by his side.  Wish granted!

Activities China 2011

Magic and Mixology!

November 23, 2011.  Hercules bar in Sanlitun held a fundraising event to support Magic Hospital.  Guests had fun chatting, drinking and learning how to make popular martinis, thanks to the expert mixologists at Hercules’ bar.  Kudos to all who came out and supported us!


Charity Tuesday with Beer Mania a Success!
August, 2011.  For its August Charity Tuesday, Beer Mania hosted a first-of-its-kind fundraising event for Magic Hospital - a beer & chocolate pairing! It was a great success, raising RMB2,600 for our programs. Vandergeeten donated the chocolates, came up with great tasting notes, helped people understand the flavours, and donated proceeds from the night's chocolate sales. A big thank you to Beer Mania, Vandergeeten and all who came out for a mid-week beer!
Chopschticks has done it again for Magic Hospital! The organization continued its long running support of Magic Hospital by donating tickets to the show. We were able to sell 2 tickets to see the hilarious Chicago Improv All-Stars on the weekend of November 11th, raising RMB500. Thank you, Chopschticks!
Activities China 2009/2010

Music Enrichment Program End of Year Performance at Dulwich School

On June 10, 2009, children from Guang Ai Migrant School concluded a year of Magic Hospital’s Music Enrichment classes with a beautiful performance at Dulwich School in Beijing.  Kristi Meier introduced the children and gave a short presentation on Magic Hospital for guests.  A number of Dulwich students volunteered for the program throughout the year as supervised music teachers.  It was a great way for kids to help and teach other kids.

Guang Ai children performed five songs and dances for Dulwich students and were greeted with a huge, heartfelt applause.  Included in the performance was a song using African drums.  “The sound from about 15 kids playing drums together gave me goose bumps!” said Kristi.  The kids also sang, “Do, re, mi” and many Dulwich students knew the song.  The next thing they knew, the whole audience was clapping to the rhythm.
Another act was the traditional Maori dance.  The boys were fantastic and everybody had a good giggle as the moves and sounds were quite different than what they are used to.

The next song was in Chinese about last year’s earthquake, which immediately changed the mood to silence and somberness.  However, the children finished the show on a high and exciting note by playing the Samba!  All of the Guang Ai kids had an instrument and considering how many kids played together and the rhythms what came out, it was fantastic!

What amazed Kristi the most about the day was how the kids from Gaung Ai and Dulwich were in sync and how all their feelings, happiness and sadness, were displayed within a 15-minute performance. It was great!

The Music Enrichment Program will begin again this fall at a new institution.  We are happy to report that due to the need of the program and the interest of both the students and the general public, Guang Ai now has several volunteers teaching music classes.  Magic Hospital looks forward to initiating this program with a new group of children, while following up with the Guang Ai students from time to time. 

We wish to again express our deepest appreciation to PRANA for funding this program.  It has been a great success on a number of levels and your support helped make it come to fruition.

An Amazing Example of Kids Helping Kids: The Botha Birthday Donation!

On April 18, 2009, Kyla and Tatum Botha held their joint birthday celebration party.  In lieu of gifts, they asked their guests to bring donations for Magic Hospital.  The girls wanted to share their birthday gifts with other less fortunate children.   A donation box was placed in the middle of the room.  As the party progressed, Kyla and Tatum received their birthday greetings and donations from the guests.  As the girls placed each donation into the box, their excitement was contagious and showed how generous and happy they were with their decision to help others.   Their generosity and selflessness raised over RMB4,000!   Thanks so much to Kyla and Tatum and their parents, Chaleen and Andre!

105 children wave goodbye to the race boats - Magic Hospital Cooperates with Octagon for the Volvo Ocean Race Event in Qingdao

On Saturday, February 14th, Magic Hospital and Octagon, in association with Ericsson and the Qingdao Education Resource Development Trust, hosted 105 youth between 12 and 16 years of age to celebrate Qingdao’s first ever participation in the world famous Volvo Ocean Race.  The entire event took place in the Ericsson Pavilion, a building constructed inside and out to resemble the actual sailboat!

The kids in a number of activities including learning about the history and course of the race and life on the boat for the Ericsson race team.  Participants signed large banners that were displayed on the Pavilion to support the Ericsson team as they departed the Olympic Regatta.  If that wasn’t enough, the children watched and waved goodbye to all of the boats as they departed for the next leg of the race, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to be only one of two public groups allowed in the Ericsson Pavilion and have the best seats in the house for the boat launch.  What’s more, they had an up close encounter with the famous Green Dragon Boat of China, which they all agreed was an honor!  The kids received lunch and bags of treats courtesy of Octagon and Ericsson.

What a way to kick off our Outdoorsy Day program for 2009!

We offer our heartfelt appreciation to Octagon, Ericsson, and the Qingdao Education Resource Development Trust.

Track race progress and the Ericsson Team at

Activities China 2007/2008
Santa Visits in Beijing 2008!

Magic Hospital continued its tradition of bringing joy, laughter, and some special surprises to children in need at hospitals, orphanages, and migrant schools throughout Beijing.  The hospitals enjoyed not only a visit from Santa and his elves, but also the ever-exciting clowns!  The orphanages and migrant schools also received visits from Santa and his elves, which brought gifts and spent precious time with these incredible young people.  The ages of the kids ranged from 1 to 22 years of age.  The volunteers included children and adults this year, making it a unique opportunity for kids to experience the rewarding gift of giving.  The visits were, as always, moments that all involved will not soon forget.

A special thanks to:  BDA for their generosity of support and service, Babylegs for their ever-appreciated contribution, and Chiara Menegazzi, Dominic Johnson-Hill, Emily Hou, Alberto Duarte, Muffet Johnson-Hill and her fabulous kids and mother Ann for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Volunteers also include:  Jonothan White, Kathy Ho, Andres Castillo, Amanda White, Joyce Yeo, Vivien, Clement, Sandro, Lucy, Valeria, Piero, Mawuli, Margherita, and Stefania

Brouman's Magic Show

On November 7, 2008, kids young and old enjoyed an afternoon of excitement and fun at the Magic Hospital Magic Show benefitting Santa Visits in December.  Hundreds turned out to see award winning magician Eric Brouman (U.S.) perform incredible tricks and illusions in the International School of Beijing’s amphitheatre.  Guests were not only mesmerized by magic, but also enjoyed the raffle which included a fun and impressive list of donated prizes from local businesses.  After the show, the kids received an added treat of free ice cream courtesy of Cold Stone Creamery!

Thanks to Mr. Brouman and the magnificent support of the Beijing community, children from area hospitals, orphanages, and migrant schools received a special visit from Santa and his elves, along with a gift for each. 

This event could not have taken place without our generous sponsors:

David A Clark & BDA China The Opposite House Beijing Home Delivery International School of Beijing That’s Beijing Kids Cold Stone Creamery Mrs. Shanen’s Bagels Wondermilk Plastered T-Shirts Tania McCartney

We wish to offer special thanks to the following supporters: Dr Tom Hawkins, Cindy Bulteel, and Tracy Park Lejen (Mrs. Shanen) Golden Bridges

Kids Run 2008 - "Green Garden School kids win their fun spot at Beijing International Marathon"

Magic Hospital and Octagon made it once again when on Sunday 19th October 2008 took 200 kids from Green Garden School, a migrant workers’ children school in Beijing, to the hottest sports event after the 2008 Olympics, Beijing International Marathon, where they first heated up the ground of the National Olympic Sports Center with their own 400 m Kids Run, then watched the race on a big screen from the tiers and cheered up for the Marathon’s athletes upon their arrival at the winning post.

The kids were shining in their yellow T-shirts provided by Octagon and warmly applauded to the Marathon’s winners, happy to have experienced a little taste of the race while not having to run for 42km like the athletes, who left from Tiananmen Square and made their way to the Center.

Every child was awarded with a Kids Run participation certificate and received a notebook and a pen kindly donated by Octagon.

Our big Thank you goes to Magic Hospital partner Octagon


the Marathon and Kids Run promoter, and who graciously provided such as great fun opportunity for the Green Garden children in the heart of sporty Beijing.

Will you come back tomorrow?
– 2800 children celebrate T-shirt day’s 3rd edition


"Will you come back tomorrow?"  That was a question from a little girl at a migrant school near Beijing who summarized the fun and excitement of this year’s T-Shirt Day better than any our descriptions could.  

Magic Hospital's 3rd Annual T-Shirt Day was truly an event of Olympic proportion thanks to the help of our enthusiastic team of volunteers, most generous sponsors, and passionate institution staff!  In honor of Children's Day, the event took place in children's hospitals, orphanages, and migrant schools in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.  The volunteer teams distributed the new t-shirts and helped the kids decorate them with their new fabric markers.  The event additionally included team-based games and sporting activities in honor of this year's theme, "Olympic Magic."

We strongly recommend Water Balloon Throwing and the Three-Legged Race to become Olympic disciplines!

Bringing the Olympics to children who will not enter Beijing's stadiums 8.8.08 was only made possible by the kindness and unwavering support of our supporters. We reached 2,800 children this year (up from 1,800 in the previous year).  There were numerous testimonies shared by volunteers who were incredibly moved by their experience.  T-Shirt Day demonstrated again this year that sharing a day of fun and laughter and providing some hope and joy is worth more than any gold medal in the world!

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following that made this event possible:

Our outstanding sponsors:, who provided talented, reliable, and hardworking team members!

Last, but certainly not least, we thank the 16 institutions/hospitals and migrant worker schools for their warm welcome as well as the 325 tireless and dedicated volunteers who shared their time and medal-worthy energy! 

How the Olympics Brought 30 Autistic Children to the Great Wall

We have experienced the Olympic Spirit in many wonderful ways in Beijing this year, but one of the kindest testimonies of One World - One Dream was the fantastic initiative of the Perks family.  Magda, Jeremy and their children Alyssa and Daniel could not attend the Olympics due to an unexpected trip home, but decided they wouldn't let their tickets go to waste.  They sent an email to friends and colleagues in Beijing offering to sell the tickets to the highest bidder and stated that all net proceeds would be donated to Magic Hospital!  The Perks-family raised a remarkable 5,260RMB.

This creative and kind initiative will enable sponsor 30 autistic children to visit the Great Wall on 14th of October through our Outdoorsy Day Program, we will post pictures and a small article after the event, so visit us again.

Thank you Magda, Jeremy, Alyssa and Daniel for showing true Olympic Spirit!  A big thank you also to all the active bidders for supporting this effort, especially Rong & Mike!

If you would like to know more about how you can support Magic Hospital, such as initiating your own fundraising project please contact or have a look at our website under Other ways”.

Magic shows, 600 paper cranes for the earthquake victims and an anniversary – MH Shanghai celebrates T-shirt Day in its own way


Actually the MH Shanghai crew pulled a double and celebrated the T-shirt day twice.
First they visited the 243 children in the Shanghai Pudong Special Education School, a school for cerebral palsy children.

The children participated in numerous activities, including folding 600 multi-colored paper cranes.  Each one was a "good wish" for the earthquake victims in Sichuan. 


Later that day, additional hands arrived with 8-12 year old volunteers from a local primary school who dressed up and performed two magic shows and then assisted the special needs children with coloring their t-shirts.  What a great example of children helping children!

Magician and big fan of Magic Hospital Zhou Liang Tie from the Shanghai Circus joined in the T-Shirt day fun by performing for an additional 40 kids who are home schooled due to prolonged and severe illness.

On June 24th, Magic Hospital Shanghai held another T-Shirt Day to help celebrate the Shanghai Children's Medical Center's 10 Year Anniversary.  The hospital honored children who had beaten leukemia and invited back those who had not received treatment in five years.  While parents and caretakers were in educational seminars on caring for their children, the kids participated in T-Shirt Day.  The event included clowns and magicians who visited the children on each floor. 

 If all this magic wasn't enough, and that’s is also why we also post the article a bit later,  to also let you know that 21 Shanghai based MH volunteers ventured out to visit another 75 children at the Shanghai Medical Center on August 9th, giving out 300 toys and having a great time !

A big thank you to  Baxter Healthcare who sponsored T-shirt day and all volunteers who made it possible!

Creative philanthropic organisation awards 1 year grant to further develop art workshops in hospitals

Magic Hospital is proud to announce that the creative philanthropic organisation, ArtVenture, will support the Art branch of MAP - our Music and Art Program from 2008 to 2009. Our Art Program aims to contribute positively into the medical process offered by physicians. The team of art teachers visits children in hospitals to ease their loneliness, fears and boredom by offering painting, origami and other handcrafting lessons.  The ArtVenture grant will enhance the depth and quality of the art programme in Ertong and Beida Hospitals . ArtVenture seeks to harness art and culture to improve lives in meaningful ways. It believes philanthropic programmes delivered through the arts have a special ability to reach people and play a vital role in harnessing the creativity needed for human health and development. We are honoured ArtVenture has chosen to support Magic Hospital 's art work with sick children.

During China's toughest winter babies'legs will stay warm

For 50 years China has not been challenged by a strong winter like the one in 2008. Whole infrastructures collapsed and people in the countryside face the coldest days they ever experienced. But thanks to the generous donation of Nicole Donnelly from BabyLegs Magic Hospital has ensured that over 1000 babies will be warm for the new year of the rat.

Nicole Donnelly, stay-at-home mom to Sara, started making BabyLegs to keep her dear daughter's legs warm whilst allowing for nakedly butt time. Well, it turns out that these leg warmers are great for crawling over all surfaces and since they are such a big success, Nicole wanted to share them with the babies in China.

The timing could not have been any better. Together with the help of Morning Sun Center of Hope, United Foundation of Chinese Orphans and Our Chinese Daughters Foundation we were able to get the BabyLegs of all different colours and patterns to the orphanages in the countryside, where babies and children live under most severe conditions, often no heating and insufficient medical supplies. Thank you for helping us to reach out to places far in the countryside.

But of course we also did not forget about our little friends in and around Beijing. Magic Hospital volunteers had the great pleasure to see many toddlers and children at the Blue Sky Healing Home, Beautiful Harbour Orphanage, Living Tree and Philip Hayden Foundation brighten up at the sight of the cuddly gift.

One of the many heart-warming incidences was a little boy who only has one leg. The boy was so happy and proud about his new gift and immediately put the legwarmer on his good leg.

Thank you to Nicole, Amy, Brean, Gary and Ted for helping us warm up the smallest ones all over the country!


Santa, Somersaults and Silent Night

Please click here to view more

With temperatures plummeting it can mean only one thing: Christmas has arrived and like every year Magic Hospital has sent a happy bunch of volunteers to accompany Santa and his band of merry musicians, this year even including a bag pipe player, and spread Christmas cheer to 1580 boys and girls at 7 locations - Beijing Children Hospital, Beijing University Hospital, Green Garden and Guang Ai Migrant Schools, the New Life Centre in Shunyi and the foster home Living Tree in Hebei Province as well as Pudong Special School in Shanghai.

While the children at New Life Center welcomed Santa with a very happy and not so silent version of ‘Silent Night’ and the children at Living Tree foster home showed Santa how to do a somersault and recited poems, Green Gardens kids queued very nicely and some shy looks revealed that Santa - though a welcome guest - still had their respect. Not so the children at Guang Ai who surprised Santa with a heart-warming attack as they couldn’t resist checking whether the beard was real or not - costing the old man quite some energy to ensure that the crowd of curious children did not detect the pillow under his belt. Some beard testing also happened at Ertong, where the children clapped their hands and shouted ‘warmly welcome’. Upon our clown Liu Jinjun’s question how old they guessed Santa was the guesses varied from 8 to 100 years...

What all the children share is the moment of unbelieving surprise when Santa appears - as if it is almost too hard to believe for these children that Santa really found them.

Magic Hospital on behalf of 1580 children would like to thank all the volunteers who helped to spread the Yuletide glee among our little friends.

Santa’s bag would not have been that full if it were not for a very generous Santa helper named Jack Hung from Okktoys Company who is supporting our workshop generously with his yearly donation of gifts

Moreover we would like to thank the Daimler AG in Beijing, who by now has made it a tradition to provide Santa’s sleigh in form of vans and drivers to ensure that we can go to even the farthest places.

But most of all we have to thank all the fantastic children we have visited: Their laughter and joy will stay in our hearts and accompany us through the New Year.


Magic Beans – Growing hope for those who have lost it

In cooperation with Guangzhou Parent Group, a group of enthusiastic parents of children with cancer and dedicated volunteers, Magic Hospital reached out to 500 children at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Hospital, Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital and several other children hospitals in Guangzhou. The parent group has been founded by Mr. Cui, a father of a son who did not win the fight against cancer. He turned his grief into help by bringing hope and courage to children with cancer and other severe illnesses in Guangzhou’s children hospitals. For Christmas 2007 the Parent Group reached out their hand to Magic Hospital, and we were more than willing to support the wonderful Magic Bean Project. A Magic Bean becoming a beautiful flower through light and care. We hope that all our friends who have received this symbol for a brighter future will be better soon! A big thank you to the Parent Group in Guangzhou and the hospital staff, who made this lovely initiative possible

German Foundation Prana funds Music Outreach program of MAP

Magic Hospital is proud to announce that the German Stiftung (Foundation) PRANA has awarded a grant for the music outreach program. Initially a pilot program was begun in March 2007 at the Guang Ai Migrant School in Beijing .  The Guang Ai Migrant School serves a population of school-aged children of migrant workers. These children are not allowed to attend public schools in Beijing because of their family's non-resident status.  The migrant schools operate on minimum budgets, as any tuition charged must be kept minimal to maintain affordability for parents and they rely heavily on private donations.  There are approximately 60 children who participate in the music lessons each week.

After the ten sessions children were able to identify and distinguish the sounds of various instruments when played as well as recognize by sight and pronounce the name of western and Chinese instruments. A significant outcome of these sessions, not originally planned for, has been the children's enhanced social skills, particularly in the areas of team building and interaction. Children appear less self-conscious when called upon to perform during sessions.  They have greater confidence and have organized group activities and music related games on their own.  

We believe the Music Program is a great example of providing a critical educational component to a group of children in an emerging nation who would otherwise not have access.

PRANA Foundation is a family foundation that is committed to supporting primary education, children's health and social entrepreneurs in countries in need. We feel very privileged to be able to work with this foundation and say Thank you for their trust and their commitment.


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