Other Ways


Everyone has a talent to contribute and to help whether you're a child, a student, a homemaker or the president of your own company. Here's a short list of ideas you can implement to make a little magic of your own:

Organize an event on your university campus or even in your backyard.

Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure.  Clean out those closets and start a garage sale.

Willing to try a new recipe?  Everyone loves a bake sale and your home made goodies will do a world of good for shelters /orphanages

Or, if you're the crafty kind, you can sell your unique hand made items for our benefit.

Be a good sport!  Find a few sponsors and organize a bike trip through Tibet, a walk-a-thon along The Great Wall or a marathon in your hometown.

Ask Santa to send a present to the Magic Hospital instead of exchanging gifts with colleagues.

Send a donation to Magic Hospital as a way of honoring your favorite teacher

Add us to your "wish list" or gift registry.

Consider having your friends make a donation to the Magic Hospital in lieu of a wedding gift or birthday present.

Coin aficionados and children can contribute by creating Fen for Fun or Cent for clown bottles encouraging friends to make a deposit for a good cause. If you are in China we can provide you such a bottle.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to call on their clients.  Restaurants, boutiques, galleries and small shops are the perfect venues for making a donation to Magic Hospital when paying for purchases.  


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