Long, bald corridors, white doctor's gowns, syringes and everywhere the smell of sterilizing agents: Children feel a hospital stay even more as a stressful and exceptional condition than adults. In addition to being unwell they can feel scared, lonely, bored, and not only the children suffer but also the parents, which in turn can affect the children.


Magic Hospital has currently a partnership with Huaxin Hospital. The children, from newborn baby to preschoolers of 5 years either had or are about to undergo heart surgery, a stressful and anxious time for the children and their worrying parents. We visit the children every Saturday morning to read books, tell stories, play games, draw and color, and so much more.

Playtime is a great way to bring support, fun and attention to the children, to give back to the community, and have fun yourself. It requires as much or as little time as you can give--as few as two hours can change the life of a child! 


We need you to expand this program!

Please contact if you are interested in contributing  in this very rewarding program.  


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