What is Magic Hospital?
Magic Hospital exists to create a world in which no child is abused, lonely, poor, or neglected; where every child can grow with their mental health ensured; where desires and needs for adventure and stimulation are satisfied; and where every child gets the chance and freedom to make choices and pursue their dreams. Magic Hospital works to support the psychological, physiological and emotional wellbeing of sick, handicapped, orphaned and at-risk children across China.

What does Magic Hospital do?
Magic Hospital work with hospital and orphanage partners to deliver the following programs:

  • Clowns & Co: performers visit Beijing’s children’s hospitals 
  • Storytelling: an early-childhood education program
  • Art Program: bringing the world of arts and crafts to sick children
  • Abracadabra: grants wishes to children who are most in need of cheering up
  • My Inner Olympics: encourages and supports hospitalized children by recognizing their outstanding courage in the face of illness and treatments.
  • Music Enrichment Program: introduces students to musical basics as well as providing musical instruments and other necessary equipment.
  • Winter Gift Drive: delivers toys, sports equipment and other gifts to children
  • Outdoors Day: day trips and age-appropriate activities for children

How can I or my company get involved with Magic Hospital?
There are a number of different ways to get involved, and we are always open to more! Here’s a sample of some of the ways your company can join us:

  • Join an Outdoorsy Day
    • Fund a day out
    • Join or send your staff along to join
  • Volunteer in a long-term project
  • Staff can volunteer on a regular basis (from just a few hours a month) in one of our regular programs
  • In-Kind Sponsorship
    • Donation of space, which could be used as office space, storage, to hold events at, etc.
    • Donation of small or large gifts. These can be gifts for use by Magic Hospital to assist our fundraising efforts, or toys/gifts for distribution to the hospitals and orphanages we work with.
    • Donation of vouchers products or services – to assist fundraising, normally during events.
  • Donation of skills and resources. E.g. accounting services, legal advice, IT support, graphic design, HR, accounting, strategic planning, research, provision of training for Magic Hospital’s volunteer staff, use of office facilities.
  • Cash Sponsorship
    • Event sponsorship – Magic Hospital have a number of small events each year, and welcome corporate support to enhance the events.
    • Annual program sponsorship – fund one of our program (e.g. Clowns & Co, Art Program, Abracadabra Wish Program) for a year, two years, or even longer!

How is company’s support will be recognised. Can you tell me more about that?
Magic Hospital is grateful for all the support we receive, and we publicly acknowledge this support. How we do so depends on the event, the support and other factors.

Let’s take an example. Your company provides annual program sponsorship for Clowns & Co. The company would be reflected as a Major Supporter in all Clowns & Co documentation, and Magic Hospital would also list your company as a Core Supporter for Magic Hospital. Of course, you will receive ongoing recognition on our new website.

Or another example. Your company provides Magic Hospital in-kind products for use as prizes during a fundraising event. We will acknowledge you during the event, as well as and in pre and post event publicity.

Pending Magic Hospital approval, we would provide a link to our Magic Hospital website, showing your companies support.

We understand each situation is different, for both Magic Hospital and for your company. Please contact claudia.vogg@magichospital.org to hear more about how we can work together! 

My company is not able to support Magic Hospital, but I personally want to get more involved. 

YES! We would not be able to deliver our programs without our great volunteers. Options staffing a Magic Hospital booth at a bazaar to help spread the word, sell merchandise to raise valuable funds, join the MH team as core volunteer,  provide your expertise for a special task. 

For more information please write to: volunteers@magichospital.org 


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