Board members 

Every organisation needs good governance. Magic Hospital is no exception. So we developed a new and ressourceful board, and were lucky to recruit outstanding individuals who will guide and support us in our efforts to grow and improve our services for the children. 

Our current board members:

      Dagmar S. Saschek  

Dagmar is the founder and owner of cleine consulting company, advising major cultural institutions, telecommunications, businesses, media companies and distinguished public and non-profit institutions on strategic, organisational and financial issues around the globe for over 20 years.  

Born in 1965 and equipped with an international education in Economics, she lives in her native Germany. In her spare time she teaches yoga and supports various causes for children, her church and in the cultural sector. 

           Magda The      

Magda is a Mental Health Counsellor and partners in her client’s journey of change: to heal and grow and accomplish personal goals. She loves working with children, adolescents and especially enjoys empowering women. She has worked in an international clinic, as well as church counselling ministry and community centre.

Her passion for people spills over to humanitarian and community work. She has done aid work in Papua for Médecins Sans Frontières, a large international medical humanitarian organization, and has worked for many years as a volunteer for Magic Hospital. She has worked with refugees in Indonesia and worked with terminally ill children in a cancer hospital. Beside humanitarian aid and charity work her career also encompasses corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

From the Netherlands, she has lived in Beijing for 20 years and after a 1-year stint in Jakarta recently moved with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs to Kuala Lumpur. 

          Mia Nielsen  

Mia is a Paris-based PR professional and a former business reporter and looks forward to sharing her expertise with Magic Hospital. Mia comes from a multi-cultural background. She grew up in Denmark and Japan and later attended university in the U.S. 

Mia is passionate about writing, photography, travelling and yoga. She is a certified Sivananda yoga teacher. 


Richard has been working in the airline, hospitality, tourism and meetings & events industry for over 20 years. During that time he was holding positions in general management, sales & marketing and operations for profit and non-profit organisations in Europe, Asia and North America.  

Richard’s most recent appointment was with Accor Hotels in Paris as VP Meetings & Events responsible for setting the vision and strategy for global sales and a hotel portfolio of over 2.000 hotels. Throughout his professional career he was on boards and committees of meeting and tourism industry association as well as Rotary International. 

Richard holds a degree in Tourism & Hotel Management, Certified Meeting Professional and a MBA. 

   Lesley Sheppard 

Lesley Sheppard is an American who has studied, lived and worked on four continents. Lesley has a strong background in non-profit growth and development. 

For three years, Lesley served as Director for Magic Hospital in Beijing, where she fundraised, expanded Playtime programs, and formed strategic partnerships with corporations, educational institutions and other non-profits. She is excited to serve on Magic Hospital’s Board and envisions bringing joy to children all over China. 

Lesley is mother to four children. She enjoys teaching English, reading, hiking, traveling, volunteering and watching her children shred the mountain slopes and skate parks. Her next big goal is to publish her book and get a Masters Degree in Therapy and Counseling so she can work with at-risk teens in Washington State. 


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