Magic Hospital is very fortunate to have dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to bringing smiles on children’s faces.
The core staff includes:

Claudia Vogg, Founder and President, has lived and worked in China for more than 8 years before she headed for Paris, France, in 2004. In addition to her continuing leadership of Magic Hospital, Claudia is a Program Development Manager with the European Network for Children of Imprisoned Parents. Claudia received a MBA in Social Economics, holds a certificate in Non Profit Management from the University of Chicago, and a certificate from the ESSEC Management School in Fundraising.

Xiao Yu, MH China Coordinator,  a doctor degree polymer chemistry and physics,  she is very motivated and professional, speaks both Chinese and English fluently, and has extensive experience in leading projects.  

Rob Wang, Core volunteer,  holds a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in International Studies) from the University of Technology Sydney. After having spent more than 17 years in Australia, Rob relocated to his birth city Beijing in 2007. Armed with extensive experience in international trade, advertising and publishing, Rob started Art of Wine in Beijing, a business that imports and distributes a wide selection of fine wine from around the world to an extensive list of corporate clients. Rob is also heavily involved in the promotion and education of wine culture in China, in 2010, he co-founded the Beijing Wine Society, an organisation that brings together wine lovers in Beijing through regular wine education focused events. Rob has been a regular supporter of the social sector with long term cooperation and sponsorships of CAI (A Bridge for Children International). director@magichospital.or

Liu Jin Jun is a member of the Liu Family, famous for generations of performing artists.  All five brothers and sisters work either as acrobats or magicians and Liu Jin Jun himself is a master of the clowning art.  His career began in a performing arts group attached to the China National Railways, which is composed of a cultural Troupe, acrobats, dancers, and clowns.  China National Railways is affiliated with the National China Acrobatics Troupe. Liu Jin Jun has continued performing ever since and children are magically drawn to his shows. He continuously develops his talent, such as when he studied drama and mime techniques with French actress and former Magic Hospital clown consultant Claire O’Mallet. We are proud and honored that Liu Jin Jun is not only the longest member of the Magic Hospital Team, but he also received a Magic Hospital Award for five years of loyalty and laughter in the spring of 2008.

Li Zhongbao has worked with Magic Hospital since 2005 and won our hearts with his soft, tacit humor that critically sick and fragile children respond so positively to.  Li began his performance career in 2002 in Beijing, and then later became an apprentice of Magician Master Fu Tenglong and Fu Qifeng, a researcher of magic and acrobatics.  He is a performer with Beijing Magic Jiu Jiu Company and also a member of Beijing Magician Club specializing in traditional magic.
A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of our volunteers who donate their time, enthusiasm, and laughter to make the lives of children a little brighter.




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