Through the tireless dedication of determined volunteers, endless energy of Chinese clowns, art and English teachers, the support from the hospital and orphanage staff, international schools, individuals inside and outside China - Magic Hospital was able to form a compassionate organization committed to making a positive impact in the lives of sick, neglected and lonely children.

Established to rectify the lack of support programs for children's hospitals in China Magic Hospital has embraced the opportunity to develop a pioneer program in China .  Still in our fledgling stage, we already served over 1,000 children , organized over 200 clown visits and art workshops to amuse, paint faces and teach origami, and provided over 100 English lessons.

In March of 2003 were only a dream, when we approached the Beijing Children Hospital , one of world's largest and China 's main children hospital and asked them to let us debut our program. It only took a few meetings to win over the administrators and convince them that we are ready to fill a void with positive intervention at their institution. 

Based on the “Xiao ye shi yao” argument, which is the Chinese version for "laughter is the best medicine" we were given the green light to send in the clowns and produce Magic Hospital out of thin air. That's also why we kept it as a slogan as it seemed to be universal concept.

The name Magic Hospital came natural and was chosen not only for our desire to turn a hospital into a more pleasant place, but also to express a mindset where we are ready to appear out of the blue to help, to simply brighten a day or to make for a more pleasant hospital stay.

We launched our pilot program with a Magic Team of two clown performers and one artist cum actor on a weekly basis.  Just as our program began to take off the project was grounded for months due to the SARS outbreak. Once the health crisis was over, the hospital invited us to return, which honored and reassured us to continue our pursuit - and we are now a stable and vital sign of the hospital life .

In 2004 we took our next step and opened o ur European office in Paris , France to support the China activities and also to implement projects in Europe .

We strive continuously to deepen the effects of our work and the program itself, enhance the versatility of our activities and develop innovative projects. Our future and locations will be guided as to where we can make a difference , fill a need and play an effective role in the life of the children and brighten some dark hours of childhood.


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