Kids Open - getting out of the rough

In the game of golf, getting out of the rough can be frustrating. It requires patience and strategy to stay on par. In the game of life, for Melanie, Thibault, Jules, Harold and Mickael trying to get out of the rough and on the course of social inclusion is a daily reality. They are autistic.

While team sports are particularly challenging for children living in their own world and revelry, the skills needed for golf can help them confront some of their greatest obstacles.  

With the consult of Dr. Didier Perisse from the Parisian Centre Resource Autism Ile de France (CRAIF) we have created the program Kids Open offering workshops based on the elements of golf designed to help children affected by Autism. During the workshops children are trained in areas that pose immense difficulty for them such as
  • concentration
  • social contact and camaraderie
  • patience, focus and attention
  • orientation and flexibility
  • discovery of a new environment.
In our first partnership, Magic Hospital has teamed up with Golf Bois de Boulogne, the biggest intra-mural golf course in Paris. They have graciously accepted five children, Melanie, Jules, Harold, Thibault, and Mickael from IME Notre Ecole de Paris into a pilot program that commenced 2007.


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