Soccer camp for 44 orphans and street children

25 Jun 2017 12:17 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

So let us tell you how the soccer camp went - as you may know we organised 2 soccer camps in July, we started out slow with 4 kids from Alenah’s Home Orphanage, aged  5 and 8. As this was the first time we organised the camp we faced some challenges , especially the weather was not always on our side during our first camp, but the kids were thrilled, the soccer coaches Sam, Edward and Thomas excellent,  and an enthusiastic MH volunteer team was in place


We  quickly realized that many things don’t truly matter, as long as the children were enjoying themselves. When we looked at their joyful faces while playing soccer or goofing around with the with the coaches and our volunteers, we knew why we were there.

Joy when shooting a goal!!!!

At the end every child received a medal for „Best Player“ and a personal certificate. 

Graduation of Alenah’s Soccer Camp – everyone is the best player, what a feeling!

In our second camp we had in the end 28 children of Guang Ai School. Guang Ai which is home to more than 100 orphans, street children or children of migrant workers. 

Warm up on the first day, arms and excitement in the air


Acquiring new skills!

On the last day the coaches joined the game!

And of course graduation ceremony...Small gifts, with incredible impact. 

The children got all excited and with pride they carefully looked at their prize - the smile wide on their faces


Alena's Home and the kids

Guang Ai Home and the kids


Darcy Au-Yeung

Susan Clear

Sam Korman

Harrows International School 

Sam, Edward and Thomas (the excellent coaches)

Tamara (the skilled camp manager)

Cary, Leon, Judith, Kyle, Xiao Yu (the dedicated volunteers)

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