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  • 23 Dec 2017 1:37 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    We want to honour your trust and loyalty by sharing this exciting news. On Wednesday, 6th of December the Beijing Children Hospital organised a formal ceremony to honour volunteers and NGOs. 

    As you know Magic Hospital was born in that  same hospital 14 years ago. With our first clown visit. Since then our clowns have been going every week, bringing smiles and encouragement to the hospitalised children.  

    Magic Hospital received the award of "Outstanding Voluntary Service Group". 

    We are deeply grateful, touched, encouraged.  

  • 23 Dec 2017 1:29 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    Today was Christmas time at Huaxin Hospital - OK... maybe not your traditional Christmas decor and activities, and yes Santa was a clown, but look at the beautiful decoration the children made. AND more importantly the room was filled with the care and love which we all should bring to children every day. We wish you all peaceful and relaxing Holidays! Be well and enjoy this precious time with your families! 

  • 26 Jul 2017 1:23 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    On June 5th, Etonkids LiDo Campus organised a Children's Day full of performances, and invited Magic Hospital to contribute to this wonderful day of activities. 


    We sent a magician who gave a magic performance to the cheering children, not to forget of course created balloon animals in their favourite colours... We were graciously given a booth to sell the ABC books, and could present our work. A total of RMB 3,280 was raised for our Clowns and Co Program and our Outdoorsy Program. 

    We are grateful Wang Sijing (Kate) , teacher of Etonkids and MH volunteer. Thanks a lot for organising the wonderful event and for having us!  Also, thank you dear other Magic Hospital volunteers Li Yang, Tamara, Cary and Victoria to represent us and for doing such a stellar job! 

  • 26 Jul 2017 1:21 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)


     The Drinking Fish Restaurant held a fundraiser on 1st of June, Children's Day. Their guests that evening dined for the benefit of our Clowns and Co program, a total of RMB 2,500 was raised!! Thank you, dear guests from 1st of June  for your good choice to eat out that evening and generate such as generous and much needed contribution! A big Thank you also to the Drinking Fish Restaurant and Rob Wang for this wonderful idea,  and for your loyal support!

  • 26 Jul 2017 1:19 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    As we are attracting more committted volunteers we are now looking into expanding this program into another location. The Saturday morning Playtime group visits the Huaxin hospital every week to play with children who had or are about to have cardiovascular surgery. The program is going strong,  so hopefully are the kids and apparantly also the favourite minion...

  • 25 Jun 2017 12:17 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    So let us tell you how the soccer camp went - as you may know we organised 2 soccer camps in July, we started out slow with 4 kids from Alenah’s Home Orphanage, aged  5 and 8. As this was the first time we organised the camp we faced some challenges , especially the weather was not always on our side during our first camp, but the kids were thrilled, the soccer coaches Sam, Edward and Thomas excellent,  and an enthusiastic MH volunteer team was in place


    We  quickly realized that many things don’t truly matter, as long as the children were enjoying themselves. When we looked at their joyful faces while playing soccer or goofing around with the with the coaches and our volunteers, we knew why we were there.

    Joy when shooting a goal!!!!

    At the end every child received a medal for „Best Player“ and a personal certificate. 

    Graduation of Alenah’s Soccer Camp – everyone is the best player, what a feeling!

    In our second camp we had in the end 28 children of Guang Ai School. Guang Ai which is home to more than 100 orphans, street children or children of migrant workers. 

    Warm up on the first day, arms and excitement in the air


    Acquiring new skills!

    On the last day the coaches joined the game!

    And of course graduation ceremony...Small gifts, with incredible impact. 

    The children got all excited and with pride they carefully looked at their prize - the smile wide on their faces


    Alena's Home and the kids

    Guang Ai Home and the kids


    Darcy Au-Yeung

    Susan Clear

    Sam Korman

    Harrows International School 

    Sam, Edward and Thomas (the excellent coaches)

    Tamara (the skilled camp manager)

    Cary, Leon, Judith, Kyle, Xiao Yu (the dedicated volunteers)

  • 28 May 2017 1:06 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    On May 20, The Hotchkiss School Beijing Alumni and Parents Network organized a volunteer event, for the school’s global Day of Service, together with Magical Hospital second annual Magical Hospital Outdoorsy Day. 

    The event was themed “Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy”. They invited 31 children from grade 5-7 of Beijing Qing Hong Lan Migrant Worker School to the event. The venue was provided by Keystone Academy (Beijing).

    At 9 o'clock in the morning, the students arrived at the Keystone Academy by buses and were led into the indoor basketball court of the primary school. The children's  initial shyness and potential tiredness soon flew away 

     The planning allowed a perfect combination of learning and fun.  Firstly a bit of mediation, closing eyes for 2 minutes, which encouraged everyone to experience the feeling of physical and mental relaxation,  a good way for the children and volunteers to ease the pressure in the everyday life. Subsequently the importance of how to properly warm up, and stretch the body to reduce sports injuries effectively.


    Second section: TEAMWORK - volunteers and children were divided into five teams. First game: "Release the knot”. Each team members joint hand together with any random member to make a “knot". Everyone should work together to unlock the knot and make it a circle without any break via effective communication and problem-solving methods. During brainstorming, the children's thinking was baffling. Eventually, some groups were even able to unlock the knot within 11 seconds...

    And then last but not least the basketball training!

    ...with many different exercises, such as layup. Simple lay training exercise is to teach the children to complete the layup action properly, and give encouragement to others as well.

    and of course not to forget there were pauses and lunch...

    After lunch, the children used the remaining half hour to visit the school. The principal of Keystone Academy handed the children bracelets, hats and other souvenirs on behalf of the school.  Each child also received 50 yuan pocket money from Mr. McKenzie representing Keystone Academy, and the Beijing Alumni and Parents Network of The Hotchkiss School. The kids could join the school market event, where some purchased a little souvenirs either for themselves or for their parents,  some who simply held on to it for later....

    We want to express our deep gratitude for the fun and generosity to the  

    entire Hotchkiss School Alumni Group

    Image result for hotchkiss school logo

    notably Mr. Lionel Hong (Hotchkiss '08, Host for the event) 

    Julia Zhu (Hotchkiss '87, Head of The Hotchkiss School Beijing Alumni Group)

    Mr. Mckenzie from  Keystone Academy for accepting this invasion to their wonderful facilities. 

    Image result for Keystone school logo beijing

    as well as MH volunteers Phoebe,  Jason and Xiao Yu 

    and of course the 

     31 students from Beijing Qing Hong Lan School who were kind enough to come out and play with us! 

  • 28 May 2017 12:48 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)


    The energetic and professional students from the WAB group "The Help2Change" painted, organised, stored and stocked, planned, promoted, negotiated our ABC books during the WAB event Rock in the Park, there was also some cotton candy...! 

    Everything was so well organised from the poster painting to the timing of the shifts at the table that the books were sold out and 1800 RMB were raised in one afternoon.

     The funds will be either used for our Clowns and Co program  or our Outdoorsy program, we will speak to the Help2Change about their preference!


    A Big Thank you to 

     Beixing and the students from the Help2Change Club

    all the children and parents from the WAB community who bought the book 

    and the volunteers Judith, Jason, Eric and Steven

  • 28 May 2017 12:41 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)

    In the afternoon of May 10th 2017, French juggler and clown Jean Baptiste, and his friend Yanxing Zhou came to the Children's Hospital of Beijing to bring a wonderful clown show for the children

    Our lovely performers unicycled , juggled, and swirled in the corridor the Department of Nephrology. Laughters, applause, and excitementfilled the corridors transforming  the hospital ward rather into a circus...

    After the performance, the kids joined the two multitalented friends for a painting session, where the children were encouraged  to use their imaginations...

    Gradually various colours were showing up on the paper. In the eyes of the children of the world is always so colourful, full of imagination and possibility. On the back was the child's name and a personal good wish to another child in Nepal where these paintings will now travel with Jean Baptiste, and establish a bridge of good thought, in return the children in the hospital received 10 paintings from children in France...

     Thank you Jean and Yanxing for this wonderful time! 

  • 03 Apr 2017 12:51 PM | Claudia Vogg (Administrator)


    Volunteer Joi Peng was one of the 8 MH volunteers who went along on  March 12th. Here a first hand account from the awesome time they had with 28 children at the Beijing Zoo and the Aquarium, along with their 2 teachers. The kids, aged from 10 to 12, are from Qing Hong Lan School (清红蓝学校) of Shunyi District, Beijing, a school that houses students whose parents work at construction sites and factories in the capital and cities around. After careful planning  the trip with the deserving kids finally came true and turned into an unforgettable experience.


    The first destination was the Aquarium, where kids observed different kinds of fish, sharks, whales, and other sea animals, watched the white whale show, and explored different geo-environment and animals inhabiting there. After a splendid tour in the aquarium, the kids enjoyed lunch at the cafeteria, where they showed such consideration which impressed us all. Kids not only helped each other to fetch their lunch portions, but  also returned the trays after the meal and cleaned the tables together.


    Lunch was followed by a short break and leisure time in the Zoo. Kids had fun at different animal parks. They enjoyed watching birds with colorful feathers flying in an enormous bird field, hippos opening their mouths wide and playing in mud, monkeys jumping up and down on the monkey hill, giraffes and zebras walking leisurely through grasslands, and observing many more animals in separate parks. Through such an intimate experience watching the animals and their habitats, we hope kids will feel much closer to Nature and better appreciate its beauty, and always have the curiosity to discover new world.


    If the happy Sunday adventure is the gift that MH China and its volunteers bring to kids, the best present otherwise are smiles on their face and lovely and heart-warming words from them.


    “ Teacher, why don’t you buy an ice-cream for yourself? They are too expensive. We don’t need four, one is enough. We could all share that one. ” replied four girls when a volunteer bought each of them ice-creams. 

    “ You are so sweet, but obviously we are not photogenic enough.” said a girl in the WeChat group when the volunteer shared with them photos of the day. 

    “ Teacher, this is a present for you. We hope you like this album.” said a kid in a WeChat group after he made a digital album of their one-day trip in the Zoo and the Aquarium. 

    Through  expeditions and fun activities we aim to brighten up the days for children who are in need, provide new impressions and create a childhood memory and of course have fun. , always hope to provide opportunities for children to get outside of their daily routine, allowing for inspiration, growth and fun. This is our hope, but one that’s worth working for. " (Joi Peng) 


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