About Us

We work with sick, hospitalized, handicapped, orphaned, abused and at risk children aged 0-18 who are permanently or temporarily deprived of a carefree and fun childhood.

Our Vision

An environment where no child is abused, lonely, poor, illiterate, or neglected; where a child can grow with its physical and mental health ensured, its desire and need for adventure and stimulation satisfied, its education is provided; where each child gets the chance and freedom to make choices and to pursue its dream.

Or our version for our more time-pressed readers -  a happy and carefree childhood.

Our Mission

Our values

Childhood should be a magical time to collect dreams and fond memories in a safe, nurturing, child-friendly environment.

We believe in a good sense of humor and strive for a tolerant, open and respectful interaction with our fellow human beings.

We consider ourselves being trustees of your individual desire to help. We honor our commitment to caring and value the trust of the children, volunteers, and donors. It is our duty to ensure accountability, responsibility, integrity, kindness and consistency in every aspect of our programs.

Every child’s life is valuable, and every child can be inspired by the knowledge that someone cares. We therefore believe that the most valuable gift to be given to children is to spend time with them.

All children are entitled to take their place in this world with self worth, a healthy self-esteem and confidence.




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